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    Explore Our Mercedes-Benz GLB SUVs for Sale

    Princeton drivers looking for a top-shelf compact SUV are looking for the Mercedes-Benz GLB. With wood grain trim options and aluminum accents, high-tech features like DYNAMIC SELECT, and more, the Mercedes-Benz GLB doesn’t disappoint. Read on for a quick breakdown of the differences between leasing and financing for help in making the first decision in the car buying process after deciding on the model you want. Then apply for financing and contact us to schedule for a test drive in Lawrenceville.

    Benefits of Financing vs. Leasing

    One of the first decisions that Hamilton drivers will need to make is whether to lease or finance their Mercedes-Benz GLB. Choosing between the two can be confusing. Read on for a quick breakdown of how each strategy differs from the other:

    • Financing: When you finance, you’re taking out a loan on the entire purchase price of a vehicle. That loan is going to be bigger, so you’ll need to put down more money, and you should expect to make bigger monthly payments. That said, one day you’ll sell the vehicle, which means that this is the most cost-effective path—you just have to be willing to commit to larger monthly payments.
    • Leasing: Most lease terms are 3 years long, and the loan you take out for a lease will go to cover the estimated value that you use up over the course of your term. This means you’ll be taking out a smaller loan, making smaller monthly payments, and you won’t put as much money down. If you’re looking to go easy on your monthly budget, leasing is a great strategy!

    Test Drive a Mercedes-Benz GLB in Lawrenceville

    Mercer County drivers looking to take the next step and see the Mercedes-Benz GLB up close can call Mercedes-Benz of Princeton at (609) 910-5826. We’ll give you a thorough breakdown of all the highlight features on this crossover. If you have further questions about the car-shopping process, you’ll find plenty of informative overviews of each step in our archive of car buying tips! We look forward to showing you customer service of the same pedigree as the Mercedes-Benz brand!

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