First Class Lease®

Mercedes Interior

Princeton drivers looking to lease should explore the Mercedes-Benz lease program, which is among the most flexible and customizable in the business. And of course, our Mercedes-Benz lease deals offer you an easy entry into the world of driving luxury vehicles. Read on to learn about the benefits of our First Class Lease program. Then reach out to Mercedes-Benz of Princeton to explore our current Mercedes-Benz lease offers. While you’re at it, why not explore Mercedes-Benz finance offers? Don’t forget to apply for pre-approval!

Customized Mileage and Terms

Your mileage and term options are set according to your driving profile. But we will be happy to customize your lease any way you see fit (certain limits apply). Drive a lot more than average? We’ll set an allowance for extra mileage. Don’t do a lot of driving? Set a lower annual mileage lease and reduce your monthly payments.

The First Class Lease also allows you to set the terms. Customize your lease anywhere from 24 to 60 months, and anything in between.

Lease-End Flexibility – The First Class Finish

As a lease account holder, you have up to three options available to you at the end of your lease (may vary from state to state).

  1. Return your vehicle.
  2. Extend your current lease.
  3. Buy the vehicle.

Optional Lower Insurance Premiums

We may be able to help you lower your insurance premiums by simply choosing a higher deductible on your insurance protection. Check with your insurance representative for more information.

European Delivery

It’s a new twist on delivery. Pick up your new Mercedes-Benz in Germany and take a vacation while you’re there. You’ll receive a tour of our Mercedes-Benz plant. Then you can be off to tour Europe.

Security Deposit

While no security deposit is required on our standard lease program, in some states we offer a Multiple Security Deposit option. By putting down up to 10 refundable security deposits, you’ll reduce your monthly payments on our current Mercedes-Benz lease offers. At lease-end, you can have your deposits refunded or rolled over into your next First Class Lease.

Single Payment

By making a lump-sum payment up front on our Mercedes-Benz lease deals or Mercedes-Benz finance specials, you can eliminate monthly payments, check-writing or mailing, and of course, it will provide significant savings on interest through discounted rates.

Gap Waiver

Our Gap Waiver is designed to give you peace of mind. If for some reason (such as accident or theft) your leased Mercedes-Benz is declared a total loss, we will cover the difference between the insurance proceeds and the balance owed to Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, less any deductible.

Auto Pay

With our Auto Pay option, you can have your payments for our current Mercedes-Benz lease offers or Mercedes-Benz finance specials deducted directly from your checking account. No monthly check writing. No monthly mailing. It just doesn’t get much easier than this.

Business Tax Deductions and Sales Tax Savings

Drive a lot on business? If 50% or more is business-related, considerable tax savings may apply. Also, you’ll save on the amount of sales tax you pay. In most states, sales tax will only be based on your monthly lease payment as opposed to the vehicle’s total value.

Please consult your tax advisor for more information about the tax laws that will affect our current Mercedes-Benz lease offers and Mercedes-Benz finance specials.

Have Questions About Mercedes-Benz Lease Deals?

Whether Mercer County drivers have specific questions about our First Class Lease program, or they’re curious about our current Mercedes-Benz lease offers, you can call Mercedes-Benz of Princeton at (609) 910-5826 to take the next step. Do you have other questions about how our Mercedes-Benz lease deals work? Any confusions about other sets of the car buying process? Be sure to explore our car buying tips for informative reads like our overview of First Class Financing (which you would use to pursue our Mercedes-Benz finance offers).