Genuine Mercedes-Benz OEM Parts in Princeton, NJ

Quality Mercedes-Benz parts you can trust.

Owning a Mercedes-Benz means never having to settle for anything less than the best. The same quality and craftsmanship put into making your vehicle is found in genuine new and remanufactured Mercedes-Benz parts. Read on to learn about the different types of parts we offer and how they can uniquely benefit your car. Then follow the buttons below to get the OEM Mercedes-Benz parts or Mercedes-Benz accessories Princeton drivers need. Do you have questions? Contact Mercedes-Benz of Princeton for answers!


They don’t merely perform. They endure.

Quality doesn’t simply reside in how well a part functions at the get-go: it’s a function of how well it performs over time. And Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts endure because they’re engineered specifically for your car. In fact, they’re the very same Mercedes-Benz parts your vehicle was built with at the factory, and unlike aftermarket parts, they’re highly regulated, fit your vehicle like no other parts can, they help your vehicle run the way it was intended to, and they’re made with the finest materials available.

Genuine parts by the inventor of the car itself.

When your vehicle needs maintenance or repair near Hamilton, accept nothing less than Genuine OEM Mercedes-Benz parts. Painstakingly crafted to the state-of-the-art standards of Mercedes-Benz, our parts are the final, fine-tuned word in protecting your vehicle’s performance, style, comfort, and safety for years to come.

What distinguishes Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts from others?

  • Attuned to the specific functionality of your vehicle
  • They don’t depreciate resale value of your car unlike aftermarket parts
  • Subjected to rigorous qualitative testing, each part comes fully certified
  • Fully covered by our Parts Limited Warranty for up to four years
  • You can save in long-term upkeep when compared to aftermarket counterparts due to extensive quality control

Genuine Mercedes-Benz Remanufactured Parts

Maximum savings. Minimal footprint.

When you need a part for your Mercedes-Benz, ask our Parts Department about Mercedes-Benz Genuine Remanufactured Parts. We offer all the quality you expect with considerable savings to you and considerable benefits to our environment.CONTACT OUR PARTS DEPARTMENT

What does “remanufactured” mean for Mercedes-Benz?

Remanufacturing of automotive parts begins with an inoperative, failed or worn out part called a “core.” This core is disassembled so that the subsystems and components can be cleaned, tested, repaired/reworked or replaced. The components are then brought back to “like new” specification, reassembled and tested to a quality level so high that every Genuine Remanufactured Mercedes-Benz Part is backed by the very same warranty as new parts.

Popular Mercedes-Benz Parts We Sell

Here’s a quick overview of some of the more popular OEM Mercedes-Benz parts among our Mercer County clientele:

  • Engine air filters
  • Transmissions
  • Brake pads
  • Calipers
  • Rotors
  • Spark Plugs
  • Alternators
  • Serpentine Belts
  • V-Belts
  • Timing Belts
  • Wheels
  • Rims
  • Tires
  • Cabin air filters
  • Key fobs
  • And so much more!

Have Questions?

If you’re uncertain of whether you’re up for a replacement or you think you might need the help of a mechanic for installation, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (609) 450-1601. You can also explore our parts tips for helpful reads about tips for tire care and more!


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