5 Easy-to-Maintain Indoor Plants

April 21st, 2016 by

Indoor Plants

A nice potted plant can liven up any room, but some plants do better indoors than others. To help with your home decorating, Mercedes-Benz of Princeton recommends any of the following plants, which tolerate seasonal indoor temperature changes and will adapt to light conditions from low to bright indirect sun exposure, (except for the ponytail palm that will adapt to direct sunlight). If you want all of these plants to look their very best, we also recommend adding an occasional dose of fertilizer when watering.

Common philodendron

The reason you see this plant in many commercial offices or trailing down window sills in homes is because they’re easy to grow and maintain. The philodendron’s pretty, heart-shaped leaves make them a pleasant addition to any room. You can encourage its tendency toward trailing legs or keep them pruned for fuller top growth. Philodendrons are easy to maintain because they won’t hold you to a rigid watering schedule.

Slow-grow ZZ plant

With the nickname the “eternity plant,” even if you have a black thumb, you’ll have a hard time killing ZZ plants. They also thrive without fertilizer. Because their chunky, bulky stalks are super durable, many people think they’re plastic instead of live plants. ZZ’s make a good choice for a spot where you want a slow-grower that won’t take over too soon and rarely needs to be repotted. Lack of water won’t kill this plant, but too much water will.

Hardy arrowhead vine

With lovely, arrow-shaped leaves that come in varied colors of green, white, or cream, this vine can be grown upright or trained to hang from a basket. Because they will tolerate low light conditions, arrowhead plants make the perfect choice for an odd spot that needs perking up. These plants are cousins to the philodendron species and both can be used together as an appealing and decorative planter.

Tall ponytail palm

If you have a spot that needs a tall plant to make a statement, look no further than the 6 to 10 foot ponytail palm, also called “elephant’s foot”. With long, graceful leaves, it has a large, swollen trunk that stores moisture and adds an exotic touch to any home décor. The ponytail palm is another plant that tolerates being ignored. Unlike the other easy-to-maintain indoor plants in our list, the ponytail palm is adaptable to direct sunlight in front of a window.

Tough cast-iron plant

With leaves that grow upwards to two feet, this plant is aptly named. Even neglect, low light conditions, a wide range of temperatures and humidity won’t kill this plant. Another slow-grower, the cast-iron plant also comes in white or yellow variegated leaf colors. You can count on this plant to be almost indestructible. While lack of water won’t hurt the cast-iron plant, too much water will.

Any of these 5 easy-to-maintain indoor plants will add warmth to your home décor. All that’s required of you is a basic watering schedule per the recommendations that come with the plant.

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