5 Ideas to Keep Calm During a Traffic Jam

July 12th, 2016 by

Traffic Jam

Traffic jams have become the name of the game for drivers in many American cities. Congestion occurs when commuters are on their way to and from work. Collisions and inclement weather can cause unbearable delays that can run up stress levels for drivers who have appointments to keep and obligations to meet. When you find yourself in a traffic jam, use the following five ideas from Mercedes-Benz of Princeton to keep calm rather than succumbing to road rage and other destructive responses.

1. Adopt positive beliefs

What you believe about traffic jams determines your response to them. A traffic jam might make you late for a meeting or cause you to miss an appointment, so you might want to focus on lost earnings and missed opportunities. Instead, you could choose to believe that a traffic jam is life’s way of giving you some time for yourself. When you allow yourself to consider a traffic jam as a positive life event, you will find yourself less likely to exhibit road rage.

2. Learn while you wait

You must continually acquire new knowledge and develop new skills to stay relevant in the modern workforce, so why not turn your car into a mobile university? You can listen to seminars, college lectures, motivational speeches, and other materials that can help you become more valuable as a worker and as a human being. While sitting in a traffic jam, you can learn new tips for investing, effective time management and relationship building. In fact, you have almost unlimited learning potential while sitting in your car, so turn off the music and start building a better life.

3. Meditate or pray

Hectic schedules often leave drivers with little time to connect with their innermost beings and with their preferred spiritual entities. To stay calm in a traffic jam, you can forgo yelling at cars and communicating with your fingers and enjoy the peace and communion that you long for. When you pray or meditate, your mind relaxes, your blood pressure stabilizes, and you feel at one with the universe.

4. Become productive

Every time you get into your car, you should bring some things that you can do while sitting idle on the freeway. For example, you can bring a notepad and jot down the tasks you need to do that day. You can create a grocery list, organize notes, set personal goals, and define priorities. You can use a legal interface with your cell phone such as in-car Bluetooth® integration to attend conference calls or to schedule appointments. Turn your car into a productivity zone.

5. Use calming aids

Traffic can make your blood boil, so get the upper hand by making your car a pleasant place. Air fresheners can make your car a bastion of serenity, and you can always keep a relaxation drink on hand just to help you stay in control. The climate control system in your car can also help you stay calm, so adjust it for maximum comfort.

Other drivers can often trigger adverse reactions that could cause you to lose control of yourself, so learn to tune out angry slurs, hateful stares, and vulgar sign language. Focus on birds flying in the air, or on trees bustling in the wind to keep yourself from angry feelings that can make your time spent in a traffic jam seem like eternity.

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