Ask A Technician: How Can I Maintain My Luxury Vehicle’s Performance?

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Q. How can I maintain my luxury vehicle’s performance?

A. Luxury vehicles provide a lot of comfort and safety for their drivers. In order to get the best performance from a luxury vehicle, certain considerations need to be made that set these automobiles apart from other models. When you have purchased something that is manufactured to the highest standards, you need to ensure that the vehicle is maintained to the same level. We advise you to focus on four key areas.


The engine is the most important part of any vehicle and must be maintained in the optimum condition. Ensure that the engine oil is changed according to the manufacturer’s instruction, using only the highest grade oil that is compatible with the vehicle. Where possible, contract an authorized dealer like Mercedes-Benz of Princeton to undertake all work, ensuring that only parts supplied or endorsed by the manufacturer are fitted. Remember that for some luxury models, specialist equipment will be required to undertake work on the engine so it is important to ensure that you visit a dealer that uses all the right tools. Regular checks on engine oil levels and coolant should be undertaken to ensure that the engine is operating at maximum performance.


The tires are the next important area to consider on your luxury vehicle. Always purchase the recommended tires for your vehicle. Don’t cut costs and go for cheaper products, as they will not be optimized for your luxury car. Never use tires that are manufactured for other vehicles, or have been reconditioned from a previous model. The wear and pressure on your tires is also critical. Ensure that you check both these factors on a regular basis, and additionally before any journey of a reasonable length. If you are unsure about the condition of your tires, have them checked out by a professional.


Maintaining the brakes on your luxury vehicle is another critical factor to consider. The reality is that the performance of your brakes could determine the outcome of a road traffic accident, and you need to consider your family’s safety. Ensure that you check the brake fluid on your vehicle regularly. If you are unaware how to do this, then ask Mercedes-Benz of Princeton to show you. Schedule full checks on your luxury car’s brakes annually at the very least and more frequently if you run up high mileage. Ensure that your technician checks the brakes whenever the car is in for a routine service.

Repair Work

In the event that your luxury car is damaged, it is vital that any repair work is carried out to the highest standard. Do not allow the work to be undertaken by any repair shop that does not specialize in vehicles like yours. Your vehicle may, for example, have a different sized undercarriage to other models, and may have other parts that require special handling. To maintain your luxury car to the standard it was manufactured, your best option is to bring it in to the dealership from which you purchased it. Indeed, the warranty on some vehicles may be invalidated if you have work carried out by repair shops that are not endorsed by the manufacturer.

A luxury vehicle should offer many years of safe, comfortable, and pleasurable driving. Ensure that you demand the highest standards of maintenance and ensure that regular checks are undertaken to keep your vehicle in optimum condition. To speak with one of our expert service professionals, contact us today.

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